Change your habits, change the world. is a mobile app where your unused items find a second chance.


The goal of the is to encourage people not to throw away unnecessary things but to ensure their sustainability. The application is designed so that everyone - both people who want to give back and those who need a certain thing - can get it quickly and easily. is perfect if you're a thrifter, have a need for athletic gear, want to trade electronics, trade textbooks, have old furniture, have outgrown kids' clothes and a million other things!

The is what everyone needs to be part of the circular economy!


The app allows anyone anywhere in the world to place an ad for free and see what's on offer. Users of the application are able to see the distance of a particular item in the offer. in addition, it can be psychologically beneficial to trade with others since it creates a deeper relationship between them than a monetized transaction would.

Easy process for giving things a second life with!

🍒 Create your own profile,

🍒 add an item,

🍒 swap for cherries,

🍒 exchange cherries for useful things!

Trading can help you get the goods you need without having to spend money in an economic slump.
Did you know? is a product of Giveazy.

Don't let things on the shelves gather dust - give them a second chance with! 🍒