Connect with a trusted veterinarian online in just a few minutes.

HeroVet is an intuitive mobile app which offers pet owners access to a marketplace of certified veterinarians available in their area.


With HeroVet, pet-parents can make sure their pets receive the best possible attention and treatment from certified professionals. They can consult multiple veterinarias without the need to commute, all from the comfort of their own home.

When tending to their pet’s health, pet owners can find local vets that offer services that meet not only their pet’s needs, but also their budget needs.


As a pet-owner, you can:

  • book online consultations with veterinarians of your choice,
  • pay for the vet services in-app,
  • start calls and exchange messages with your vet within the app,
  • get summaries of your consultations for all your pets.

HeroVet also serves as a fantastic tool for vets. As a veterinarian, you can:

  • add information about your services and set competitive consultation prices,
  • easily manage your incoming consultation requests,
  • receive and manage payments in-app,
  • view your client’s pets medical records and consultation history.

What’s so great about HeroVet?

Local certified vets
Secure chat
In-app payments
Online consultations
Appointment management
Maintain pet medical distory

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The app is currently only available in Latvia.