If you don’t get this right ALL other marketing is a WASTE OF MONEY!

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Customer Loyalty Programs

No punch Cards to keep track Easy sign in uses customer’s cell phone!

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Why we are a different kind of marketing company!

“I have spent over 15 years of my life working online, learning and perfecting. We are part of a worldwide consortium of consulting agencies all working together to bring you the best strategies for 2014 that are proven to work now. We will create new strategies as the need arises to keep your marketing relevant and producing insane ROI. Look at our offerings. I disclose all our tactics because armed with that knowledge you can make an informed decision. None of our tactics are new but I am sure you will see that the twist we put on each one makes all the difference in the world. I am not here to SELL you anything. I am here to CONSULT with you and build a strategy that fits with your business and budget and will give you that strategy whether you do business with us or not. Isn’t it worth the time to see what you might be missing …

– Brad Dixon

Founder and President – cc Studio Inc.

Experience Makes ALL the difference!

With over 15 years of experience and 800 clients in 30 different countries, we have the solution that is right for you!

Reputation Management

Reputation Builder

Your reputation is now served up on every search engine anyone tries to find you. We will train you for FREE or Do It For You!.

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Customer Loyalty Program

My Customer Loyalty Program

We provide a completely electronic way to keep track of and redeem your client’s points. All while integrating Viral Sharing for a truly Mass Marketing Effect!

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Search Box Optimization

Search Box Optimization

Search Box Optimization is probably something that you have never heard of. That’s because we are the only company doing this (that we know of)  and doing it successfully. We Utilize the search box (the most used part of the search engine) to shape user’s search patterns and behaviors toward your business or brand.

The CEO has required that we password protect this information. Each keyword can only be used once so when they are spoken for that is it. To see if your keyword is available and to find out how surprisingly effective and affordable this strategy is, request your password CLICK HERE. Just put SBO in the message box.

Online Reputation Marketing Facts For Local Businesses

As a local business owner are you taking ALL the necessary steps to ensure your online reputation. Do you know what to do, how to do it or even how absolutely critical it is to your business growth and survival? Companies with Positive Reviews can covert 183% more New Business than Companies with bad or no reviews!


  • Thanks to Good Reviews businesses can see an increase in sales up to 58%
  • % of Consumers that changed their mind based only on negative online review 80%
  • Owners that ask their customers for reviews 13%
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With over 3 billion local searches performed every month, it is imperative that you are found in the top spots. We claim, list, verify and update all of your information to a trusted partnership network of over 125 direct relationship data providers such as:
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