Claw Sharpening Tech & Business Structures →
Claw Sharpening Tech & Business Structures →

Claw Sharpening Tech & Business Structures →

Catsy Cat Studio delivers smart software, custom products and standard solutions.

Dip your paws in our Sandbox, nibble on the kibble and watch your ideas sprout to life.

All you have to do is ask.

20+ years of tech project-leading experience in product management.

The smart way to start up

Keep your expenses low before hitting product-market fit. We provide you with the right specialist at the right time without the hiring process.

The knowledge vault of our company is in your hands. Raise the chances of your startup succeeding by starting up with the confidence of competence.

As your business takes off, you'll expand your team. For that we provide data and handover documentation to make the process really easy.

Full Product Lifecycle Services

Mind your own business. Bring the idea, and we make it happen.

You can focus on building your product’s business while we do the nitty gritty work — planning, building, launching and maintaining your product.

Our services

Chief of Technology
Don’t have a technical founder? We got you covered. With our CTO service, we represent you in meetings, take part in product decision-making and assist you with your product strategies and goals.

System planning & Architecture
How will your product system work and how will its component communicate? We come up with creative and applicable conceptual models to define the structure and behaviour of your product’s system, with a focus on product mission and lifecycle goals.

Using modern solutions, we develop high-quality, easy-to-use websites and mobile apps, starting with concept development and wrapping up with testing and publishing.

UX/UI Design
Our talented designers will create the coolest outfit for your app to provide your customers with the best possible user experience. We use platforms like Figma and to put together amazing wireframes, prototypes and mockups for your product.

Quality Assurance
Using an agile approach, we assess, analyze and fine-tune your product’s quality throughout the design, development and production process.

Product Management
We partner with You as your product owner — you bring in your business idea and vision, and we execute it: → Design your product roadmap → Gather client requirements → Plan resources → Organise product planning and launch.

Project Management
We create the structure for your projects, manage the tasks and resources and create the handover documentation you’ll need to “adopt” your product baby once it’s born.

Dynamic Resources
Save up on resources while looking for your product’s best market fit. Our team of talented professionals has got you covered.

Business Analytics
Turning data into valuable business insights — we come up with data-driven requirements to back up your product optimisation.

Product Support
Are you in need of continuous support as your product and market grow? Our goal is to ensure that your product maintains the highest standards at all times as it develops.

System Maintenance
We monitor and evaluate the performance of your product’s systems — handling platform growth, resolving system errors as they occur and applying preventive measures to keep your product safe from malfunctions.

Our tech stack


Flex: We use custom-built project and data management on Notion to fit every customer and employee need. We can build it for you, too → ask for an offer now.

About Us

This is how we do it.

Respecting each others’ unique circumstances and ways of working is key in our culture; it is what makes our collaboration rewarding and effective.

At Catsy Cat Studio we put our cat powers together to come up with unique and creative solutions, for the best user experience.

It might be kind of obvious from our company name that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

What we are serious about is the quality of our work — we may do it in a slightly unconventional way, but be sure we do it well.

Flexible work At CCStudio, we’re going the hybrid way — we work in mini-offices, coworking spaces or from our couches. We don’t need to share an office to share our ideas and work, but we have the option to do so if we want to! — You’ll find us spread around Latvia, Spain, Estonia and many more cool places.
A basket of multiculti fruit Apples, bananas, papayas; you name it! We come from all over the world and each brings our unique backgrounds and perspectives to the mix. It’s a big part of what makes collaborating with us fun and working inspirational.
Not just tech To take a break from "Have you tried turning it on and off again?", we also like to toggle around whether you even should have a power button. By mixing knowledge around Products with excellent research and design skills, our Product Team comes up with brilliant user-centred solutions that actually make sense for your business and product.

Our Projects

Collaboration is our favorite word and a powerful tool to make app dreams come true.

We make pretty cool products for humans.

But none of them could be made without the unique perspective of the idea owners, their imaginative teams and creative input.

Our People

It may surprise you, but Catsy Cats Studio is mostly a human professional. The cat part is outsourced.

Also – people don’t get paid in kibble, but in real competitive currency.

Having a happy and inspiring work environment, feeling supported, and never being alone is extremely important to us.


Join the team

We are growing fast and are always looking for new talent.

As we work on more and more exciting projects, we need talented people like you to help us make them happen.

Full Stack Developer
Sales Manager
System Analyst


What’s going on in CCS?

As we grow we learn and want to talk about it. This is where you’ll find what our catsy cats are working on, cringey jokes and our weekly pieces of wisdom.

Keep in touch!

Reach out to us on our social media, send us an email or fill in our Contact Form.