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We provide different kind of IT solutions to our clients with a special care and attention to detail. We value speed, quality, but most importantly, satisfied customers

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Who we areWho we are

We are a friendly company that not only specializes in quality IT solutions, but we also put a big emphasis on building strong and positive relationships with our clients. We help our clients to better understand the IT solutions we create and together we are finding the solutions for any need. We are Catsy Cat Studio and we believe that there is an easier and faster way for developing different kind of apps.

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1. Planning

Every project starts with the planning phase. It’s the first building block of every successful project. We have great managers who will take care of your needs and make sure that you have a great experience collaborating with us

2. Design

Everyone likes a great product design. We put a lot of emphasis on great user experience and we love to create interesting designs which not only look nice, but also make the apps engaging and easy to use.

3. Development

The main part of every project. We have experienced and skillful developers who can make magical products. There are no requirements which could be too difficult for them!

4. Testing

Testing is an important part of every product development. Nobody wants to have a faulty product which is not reliable and does not work as expected. So, we take great care to thoroughly test our products to make sure that the customer gets the best possible quality.

5. Launch

After the hard work has been done, here comes the satisfying part of launching a new product which will improve people’s lifes and help them to achieve new heights

Our projectsOur projects

Each of our projects is a piece of art. We take great pride in the work we do and each successful project brings us a lot of joy, as it means that we have helped another client to reach their business goals. Each project is unique with their own specific requirements and we provide flexible and professional service for our clients. We are experienced in building mobile apps and different kind of web solutions, starting from a small website to a large and complex web applications. There is a solution for every need and no problem is unsolvable. So, let’s collaborate and build something great together!

Customizable crisis management & communication app
Turn Your TV into a digital beer list
Give your unnecessary things a second life by gifting them to others
GDPR compliant solution for collecting and storing client information
Plan and manage your events and invite friends